Hashimoto’s Quiz

Take your Hashimoto’s quiz to know your root cause/s.

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Food Sensitivities
1.) Do you feel tired after eating?
2.) Do you have reactions to various kinds of food?
3.) Does your stomach feel bloated or excessively full after meals?
4.) Do you have heart burn or acid reflux?
5.) Do you suffer from stomach pain or cramping?
6.) Do you suffer from Constipation or Diarrhea?
1.) Do you feel nervous and “stressed” ?
2.) Do you feel irritated at things in your life?
3.) Do you feel angry about how things are going around you ?
4.) Do you feel mood changes like low mood, anxious ?
5.) Do you have problems with sleep?
6.) Have you ever suffered through any of the following stressful events, listed here -
- Divorce
- Separation
- Abusive Relationship
- Major Health Issue
- Stress at work / Job loss
- Death of a loved one
- Financial Crisis
- Childhood Abuse / Trauma
- Difficult pregnancy?
1.) Have you ever had a tick bite?
2.) Have you ever been diagnosed with EBV or mononucleosis?
3.) Have you ever had food poisoning or parasite infection?
4.) Do you take long time to recover from illness of any kind?
5.) Do you get frequent colds/sinus infections or bronchitis?
6.) Do you have joint pain, muscle pain or swelling?
1.) Are you sensitive to strong smells around you.?
2.) Did your current or any previous house ever had any water leaks or water damage??
3.) Did your current or any previous house ever had any musty odor in the basement??
4.) Do you have skin issues of any kind??
5.) Have you ever seen visible mold in your house.?
6.) Do you have metal or amalgam fillings in your teeth??
7.) Do you get exposed to harsh chemicals (cleaning agents, pesticides, herbicides, glue, gas...)?
8.) What kind of drinking water do you use??
Nutritional Deficiencies
1.) Do you feel exhausted or sore after exercise.?

2.) Do you feel fatigued or tired??

3.) Do you have brain fog??

4.) Do you have pain all over your body or suffer from migraines??

5.) Do you have mood change issues like depression / anxiety.?

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